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Clio:Practice Management Software

A suite of online tools to help manage your law firm Clio Certified Consultants- Law Marketing Pros

Law schools don’t teach new attorneys the business skills to run a law office, many offices have turned to technology to ease the learning curve and reduce clerical errors. Clio improves efficiency, provides for conflict checking, reduces the need for for physical files, thereby helping to reduce time and help increase probability.

Clio:Practice Management Software<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Specifically designed for solo/small law firms

You’re just a few clicks away from being signed up for the best cloud-based practice management system. 

Clio ensures your important client data is securely accessible anywhere—from your PC, your Mac, and even your iPhone.

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Completely web-based, Clio is a practice management system

Solos firms won’t even think twice before trying Clio”

web-based, Clio is a practice management system


Clio Certified Consultants- Law Marketing Pros

Access Your Data from Any Device

Clio’s mobile access site is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices, Palm Pre, and BlackBerry OS 6-based devices. Clio’s mobile site allows you to access every aspect of your practice management data.

Cloud Computing for Legal

Cloud computing is all about lowering IT costs while increasing convenience. With Clio, you can access your data securely from any computer with Internet access. Your practice is wherever you are – whether you’re at the office, at the courthouse, at home, or even on vacation.

Completely web-based, Clio is a practice management system



Clio Certified Consultants- Law Marketing Pros Law Marketing Pros is a Clio Certified Consultant

As a Clio Certified Consultant, we help clients get up-and-running with the best web-based practice management system available. We are trained on all aspects of Clio’s functionality & data migration procedures from legacy practice management systems. As your most trusted technical resource, we help clients maximize the benefits of using Clio.

For training & support please call 410-630-1287 Ext. 3